When you visit the purpose built Specialists @ NINE building you will notice the striking architecture as designed by Warren & Mahoney.

Parking is free of charge in our ground floor spaces that are fully covered and have ramps and lifts adjacent for those with reduced mobility to freely access the rooms.

Our spacious & naturally lit waiting room is fully supplied with magazines, drinking water & a widescreen LCD television. All toilets are easily accessible to all & includes a baby change station.

Once you check in with my Personal Assistant, Tania, you will be asked to fill in a brief health & privacy questionnaire prior to your appointment with Allan.

During your consultation you will be comfortably seated in my office to allow me to review your symptoms & to discuss any relevant medical history. Any examinations required may take place in the adjacent treatment room which is equipped with a state-of-the-art microscope – this has a built in video camera so that you can view all aspects of your ear examination on a LCD flatscreen. A flexible endoscope (telescope) may be used to examine your nose and throat.

We are also able to provide a number of other services within our practice, these include:

  • CAT scanning – this performs highly detailed x-rays of your sinuses or ears.
  • Minor Operations – we are able to perform a variety of procedures under local anaesthetic. We have a fully trained registered nurse available to assist.
  • Audiology – hearing tests can usually be arranged for the same time as your visit.

We aim to make your visit as comfortable & stress free as possible. Please inform us on arrival of any special requirements that we can assist you with.

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